Saturday, March 7, 2015

Haut Bay & a Birthday!

Hi, again, world! I apologize for not keeping up with this blog! I will make it more of a priority from this day forward! 
     So, what have I been doing, these last few weeks, you might ask? Well...I have been going to class! Miraculous! My most interesting class is Medical Anthropology, and I am immensely enjoying how beautiful campus is. Also, the people are beautiful. One of these days I am going to just take pictures of everyone and everywhere on campus. 

      Also, they have something called tutorials here, and for those of you who don't know, these are like extra classes that are required and are taught by a tutor, who guides you through and discusses certain topics. It really helps to break down bigger classes, and makes me feel more at home, because we have a real chance to participate and my tutors are funny and thought-provoking. The feel of my sociology tutorial, especially, is that of welcome, because our tutor, Elizabeth, is so hysterical. She calls me "the American with the soft voice", "NICOLE" (really loud), or "Americana". 
      Some of the highlights of the last few weeks have been: walking home from classes as I listen to music and just LOOK at how beautiful Cape Town is (its a long walk); going to a vintage fair in Obz; eating brunch at a cute cafe called Honeybun, where I met the love of my life: a bacon avocado chicken sandwich; having a girls day shopping in Claremont and completed with ice cream; hiking Table Mountain on Valentine's Day, and then going out for dessert after; participating in a museum night where I witnessed the South African Museum and the Slave Lodge; attending a UCT rugby game which was extremely interesting due to the music, the makeup, the grown men marching, wearing diapers, and being ridiculous (what is that club CALLED? So bizarre), and the guy chosen to announce the game, resembling, for those of you who have read/watched Harry Potter, a sort of Lee Jordan. Longest sentence of my life right there. 

Go Ikeys! 

Muizenberg beach's famous colorful houses

The beginnings of a Valentine's day hike up Table Mountain

       Yesterday, we went to Haut Bay, about 30 minutes away from Mowbray (where I reside in Forest Hill). It is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been because every time I looked out onto the turquoise water, combined with the beautiful mountain and the colorful boats, I had to remember that I wasn't dreaming! As an added bonus, dogs are not required to have a leash on the beach, so there were a bunch of happy puppies running around! Paradise. 


Walkin' to the harbor - pretty shells on the beach! 

       We walked to the harbor, saw a seal hanging out, went to this place called Snoekies so our one friend could eat, and met up with some other friends as we walked along! At 5pm, Bay Harbor Market opened. It was amazing. We spent 3 hours walking around, shopping, and mostly, eating and hanging out. I bought a pretty skirt that I bargained for proudly, and accidentally ordered a quesadilla instead of a taco. Not much caring for quesadillas, I was upset but wasn't about to make their lives more difficult by demanding they change my order. So I ate it. It was the most delicious thing ever. Glad for my stupidity! I sampled on some coffee and sugar coated candied pecans (amazing) and some pesto, and looked at all the sales and food around me. Also, the decor was charming: chairs hanging above our heads, blinking lights, and random fixtures. A tree in the middle of the indoor market. 

Let me live here 

SAladdin "I can show you the world" 

         There were also these amazingly huge delicious looking salads that I hadn't seen...every topping you could imagine. I was eyeing the mozzarella, blueberry, onion, avocado, orange, and spinach salad because those are all of my favorite things, and ate a blueberry when the wind rolled one off his salad on to the table. I ordered a belgian waffle with nutella and bananas for desert and it was amazing...gone too fast. We all reflected on how this happens, and related the metaphor of my belgian waffle to life. It is all over too fast! 

"The contingency of time" 

        We drank mojitos, had a great time, and took an Excite taxi home. Oops, I mean cab. Kristin told me that taxi means minibus and cab means cab. Must remember! I accidentally drank 3 cups of tea before bed the night before, and my brain didn't turn off until 7am, two hours before I had to get up, so I was beat. I caught the African sunrise, and was too taken aback to remember to imitate the Lion King. Next time. 


      Today, we went to Obz and relaxed in Mimi's cafe while doing homework. Their playlist was really good, and so was the conversation and lunch! It is my roommate Kristin's birthday, so Grace and I made cake (after some measuring conversions and guessing due to our lack of measuring cups), struggled whilst blowing up balloons, and hung up a nice sign for her! We also got ready to join her and her friends at a fancy smancy restaurant called Beluga near the Waterfront. 

Da Roomies 

      The place was very dim, but also the best value for a meal I have ever got. 250R (that's about $21.70 including tax and tip) for spinach and cream cheese dim sum, mushroom gnocchi, and white chocolate beignets with butterscotch sauce. All of it was so delicious (the most delicious food I've ever had? It's up there), and as I ate my mushroom gnocchi and sipped on my 2 dollar glass of wine that tasted like a 30294093842 dollar glass of wine, alt-J  was playing in the background. Contentment. Kristin's friends are so nice, and the restaurant even gave us each a chocolate/coffee-like shot for her birthday! We made Kirstin take like 7 of them! Also, one of Kirstin's friends, Verona, let me try some sushi, and next time I go, I know what I am getting. Embarrassing moment of the night: when my spoon that I took from the restaurant fell out of my bag in the cab home. I asked, "Is that mine?" #SpoonCollection 

Happy 21st ! ! ! ! !!  !

"Did you just take a selfie w/ me!?" Yeup 

     Tomorrow I am excited to see Trevor Noah, a really famous comedian here in South Africa. He is hilarious from what I've seen of him, and the tickets were really cheap! I am having a wonderful time here, and my buying of a fluffy blanket to sleep with over my covers makes it official that I am here to stay. 

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