Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello, World!

      Hi, friends & family! This will be my adventure/travel blog for my experience studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa! I make the 24-hour flight in 5 days! CRAZY, RIGHT? It's only miles and miles away from everything and everyone I know and hold dear (who am I without Stella?). However, I am feeling extremely excited. Probably because I've been reading up on South Africa, and I am learning more and more of all the excitement it has to offer. Shark caging, bungee jumping (................), winelands (!!!!), beauty, amazing food, and nice weather to boot, you can just call me South Africa's number one fan right now! This doesn't mean that I am slowly dying while realizing that I have to say goodbye to a lot of important people (and dogs) in my life. 
       As a quick aside, I want to personally apologize to Bobby Cooney for promising a vlog (has been asking for one for about a year) - I am sorry to disappoint. I tried it, and I am just not a good video blogger! I say "um" too much, and I make stupid comments that I can't edit out because I am inept at video editing/don't feel like video editing! My condolences, Bob, I will write a poem for ya. 
       With spring semester starting at La Salle (already pretty much underway), it has been bizarre. I know Danny can also attest to this - I feel out of place not being at La Salle, and even when I am here, my ID not working and my lack of classes (although nice) reminds me that I do not really belong here right now. Also, my depressingly empty dorm that I sleep in is a constant reminder, even if the kind miss (Lisa AKA Elise) who sleeps in the bed next to mine tells me otherwise. My lack of a bedside table is frightening when I wake up, and as much as I love hanging around La Salle, it is just a tad too sad (rhymes) for me. However, some things at La Salle never change - such as my amazing friends and the welcoming community. For example, last night I hung out with my fellow PAL (Police Athletic League) coordinators, Chuck and Brianna, and had one of the last Starbucks get-togethers with Elise and Ben(Jamin), which I treasured more than they know. Falling asleep with one of Elise's African history books in my hands, I was again reminded of my amazing life that I am leaving behind. I am sad to leave because of how good I have it! At least it's a happy thing that I am not GLAD to leave! Right? Well, it'd sure make it a lot easier.  

Currently in Starbucks - asked the barista for a selfie, but she wasn't cooperating. 

      During my last few days, I will be at La Salle some more, I will be tying up loose ends, I will be missing Dan & his sass, I will be hanging out with my family and dog, and I will be summoning up all my strength to not pack at the last minute ("When are you packing? 5 hours before you leave?" Thanks for the vote of confidence, MEREDITH). Love you all. PCE. 

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" 
~ A.A. Milnes, Winnie the Pooh 

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